3D XTREME™ is a completely unique, 50-minute, high-intensity, team-oriented workout that combines functional, integrated total body training with explosive calorie-blasting cardio and interactive team challenges to get XTREME results in the minimum amount of time. The secret is the 3-dimensional impact of triplex training that fuses cardio, conditioning and core, and utilizes all of your favorite training equipment to help you get lean and strong. The exercises will challenge you, the pace will drive you, and the team energy will inspire you!


  • Builds muscular strength, muscular endurance, cardiovascular power and flexibility
  • Improves agility, balance, coordination and reaction using the BOSU® Balance Trainer
  • Inspires interaction, socialization and friendly competition while amplifying the intensity
  • Utilizes a wide variety of the most popular pieces of training equipment
  • Designed to burn the maximum calories in a minimum amount of time
  • Delivers a high-results workout for all fitness levels


  • Recommended for participants that enjoy total-body, high-intensity, fast-paced, team-oriented workouts
  • Ideal for people who enjoy socialization, interaction and the opportunity to push each other to work harder and get results
  • Perfect for participants that enjoy athletic, no-nonsense, high-intensity exercises and drills


Designed around a consistent template, easy to replicate & scale
Requires minimal pre-class planning
Online programming & marketing resources, free of charge
Host a Live Training or Learn Online

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