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3 Yoga Moves to Motivate You in the Morning

October 08, 2018

Whether you are a morning person, or have to drag yourself out of bed when the alarm goes off, a little extra yoga movement to start your day is good for the soul.

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Destress with 3 BOSU® Yoga Exercises

September 14, 2018

Yoga is a terrific go-to at the end of a busy day to help quiet the mind. Try these three simple BOSU® yoga stretches! 

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Mindful Mobility with the BOSU® Balance Trainer

August 21, 2018

These mindful BOSU® Balance Trainer movments will help improve your mobility!

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Mindful Movement with the BOSU® Ballast® Ball

July 16, 2018

Mindful Movements with the BOSU® Ballast® Ball!

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