Allied Health Professionals Testimonials

Dr. William D. Harrison
Performance Fundamentals Inc. - Laguna Beach, CA

"As a sports performance specialist for 30 years, I believe the BOSU® Balance Trainer will become a required "necessity" for every team, motivated athlete, etc. to use in their training. Because of the important role of "body equilibrium" in all human performance, I've always recognized it was the limiting skill for most athletes that prevented them from reaching great heights. Well, that won't be the case any more. More than ever before, the sky is the limit. Furthermore, the BOSU® Balance Trainer has an exceptional future as a key product used in all child development programs and I believe it should be in every home."

Greg Myer, MS, CSCS, Sports Biomechanist
Human Performance Laboratory/Sports Medicine Biodynamics Center
Cincinnati Children's Hospital – Cincinnati, OH

“The BOSU® Balance Trainer has become an integral tool for the core strengthening and balance training component of our training programs. Its versatility has eliminated the need for wobble boards or Swiss balls. The BOSU® Balance Trainer can be beneficial to any performance enhancement/injury prevention protocol.”

Richard Brody, M.D.
Mid-Hudson Family Health Institute – New York, NY

“I have been training with the BOSU® Balance Trainer for approximately 6 months and have noticed remarkable results in terms of skeletal muscle strengthening, balance enhancement, and coordination. As a physician as well as fitness enthusiast, I have found the BOSU® Balance Trainer to be an integral part of my conditioning program. Based on my own experience, I routinely recommend the BOSU® Balance Trainer to my patients for orthopedic rehabilitation as well as a general exercise tool. I am also a recreational skier for the last 18 years and have performed better on the slopes this year than ever before. I attribute this largely to the BOSU® Balance Trainer, and thus I can see why the U.S. Ski Team has endorsed it. This is truly a breakthrough device.”

Marlon P. Rimando, MD, CSCS
Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation Board Certified
Pacific Health & Fitness Consultants - Honolulu, HI

"My son was introduced to the BOSU® Balance Trainer at about 7 months old as part of his play routine. As his motor skills improved with time, he'd crawl and sit on the BOSU® Balance Trainer independently and bounce on it. Now, at 19 months old, he can stand on the BOSU® Balance Trainer and run in place! He has so much fun with it. I firmly believe that his balance is advanced for his age because of the BOSU® Balance Trainer. Without a doubt, I would recommend the BOSU® Balance Trainer be an integral part of a child's play time - of course with an adult's supervision. Perhaps motor milestone charts will be revised to include BOSU® Balance Training as a motor skill."

Laurel Mary Brown, LCSW-C, CPT

"I want to tell you about the wonderful experiences I have had using the BOSU® Balance Trainer with seriously emotionally disturbed children. I am a Licensed Clinical Social Worker and Certified Personal Trainer employed by a mid-sized private psychiatric hospital. We have many different programs, but my experience relates to our school program where we serve over 100 children ages 6 through 20 suffering from severe mental illness, emotional disturbances, and learning disabilities.

It occurred to me that rather than using traditional talk therapies with children, it would be better to get them to directly experience the desired state, and then teach them to expand upon that experience. Children with Attention Deficit, Depression, Anxiety spectrum disorders and Post-Traumatic Stress (for example) suffer in some sense from the same problem: they are not "present", and this creates huge problems for them and the people who love them. I have found that the quickest way to get a child to experience being totally and fully present is to engage the proprioceptive sense- and the best way to do that is with a BOSU® Balance Trainer!

I have successfully used the BOSU® Balance Trainer to create what Dan Millman describes as an experience of "Instant Satori" for my clients. It is very dramatic to watch: they get on and balance, maybe close their eyes, perhaps stand on one foot, and over and over again I've watched as the expression of radiant joy spreads over their faces: they are experiencing, usually for the first time in their lives, being totally present. Traditional therapy could go on for years without ever getting a client to the point where they actually are able to directly experience a healthier mental state, but it typically takes less than five minutes on a BOSU® Balance Trainer.

I believe that using the BOSU® Balance Trainer switches children over to using their proprioceptive sense, and instantly, their minds stop racing, anxiety dissipates, they are focused and in the present. Once they experience this, I work with them to expand the experience using the BOSU® Balance Trainer, and ultimately to transfer the experience to other situations. I believe this technique allows them to create new and better neural pathways in the brain.

Let me make it very clear that BOSU® Balance Trainers are FUN! Even Conduct Disorder, Oppositional- Defiant, Asperger's kids, and disgruntled teenagers love getting on a BOSU® Balance Trainer. I have used them with kids that weigh 40 lbs. and kids that weigh over 300 lbs., from ages 6 through 19- they all enjoy being on a BOSU® Balance Trainer. This is by far the most fun, flexible and useful piece of equipment I have ever used.

I am so impressed with the results I am seeing that I am going to make a prediction: In 20 years people will be looking back and shaking their heads in disbelief that we ever thought that medication and talk therapy was sufficient to create real healing in the mentally ill. I believe that the fastest way to still the negative effects of the mind is to move the body, and that we can use the BOSU® Balance Trainer to create better physical, emotional, and mental health."

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