12 Days of Christmas - 45cm BOSU® Ballast Ball

As we mentioned yesterday, our children are watching us to set a wellness example, and we as parents should show them that exercise is fun! By offering your kids a fitness toy, you can create excitement and an urge to move! In fact, did you know that we have a smaller BOSU® Ballast® Ball that is perfect for kids? Get one today for only $30 + free shipping.

The smaller size ball (45cm) is great for all ages! Constructed of high quality, burst-resistant material, it has a six-sided surface design just like the original BOSU® Ballast® Ball. The 2.5 pounds of multi-dimensional load provides fun visual and audible feedback during lifting, shifting, and shaking exercises. 

Turn movement into fun for you and your kids while teaching them skills that go beyond movement. Practice directions, counting, the alphabet, and even spelling by creating games that revolve around movement. You will be laughing, bonding, moving, and learning all at the same time. There isn’t a better gift than that!

For more ideas on using the 65cm and 45cm BOSU® Ballast® Balls with your family, check out our blog “Families that Move Together Stay Together”

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