12 Days of Christmas - 65cm BOSU® Ballast Ball

Have you been waiting to order a BOSU® Ballast® Ball for your office or home gym? Today is your day! We are offering our  BOSU® Ballast® Ball for 30% off + free shipping. 

Why should you choose the  BOSU® Ballast® Ball? The ball is made out of a high quality, translucent material. There are six sides with raised rings that are easily and effectively used to help with precise body positioning and alignment. Users appreciate knowing exactly how they need to be positioned for safety and performance. 

Also, there’s something inside the BOSU® Ballast® Ball. It is 2.5 pounds of multi-dimensional load. You can see it as well as feel it! This load keeps the ball in place when you set it down. No more rolling across the floor every time you let go of it. No more praying for the ball to be there when you try to return to a seated position on it. Confidence increases when you know the ball stays in place. And you can lift, shift or shake the load to add resistance and core challenge!

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