12 Days of Christmas - BOSU® NexGen™ Balance Trainer

What are you gifting to your fitness friends this year? We know they will certainly love the BOSU® NexGen™ Pro Balance Trainer and you can get it today for only $149.99 + free shipping!

The new, “Next Generation” BOSU® Balance Trainer with textured design is all about functionality. This means being able to use it in the most effective ways possible. The textured markings allow for precise body positioning and technique for cardio, agility, strength, core, balance and mobility exercises and drills. The NexGen™ is designed for enhanced grip with either hands or feet on the dome and the improved design opens the door to a variety of new and unique exercises.

Want to see more exercise ideas for the “Next Generation” BOSU® Balance Trainer? Check out our exercise library here!

Try this circuit when you are short on workout time. Complete each exercise for 1 minute, with no breaks between drills. Once you have completed all 4 drills, take a 1-minute recovery before starting again. Voila! A quick 10-minute holiday circuit!

  1. V-Squat
  2. V-Sit Rotary Touch
  3. Recoil Cross Knee Push-Up
  4. Hesitation Lunge

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