12 Days of Christmas - Combo Packs

Welcome to the 12 Days of Christmas, powered by BOSU® Fitness. The holiday season is upon us and what better gift to give (and receive) than the gift of health! Over the next 12 days, we will be sharing gift ideas, exercise drills, and sale information with you here on our blog, as well as on our Facebook and Instagram accounts. Make sure to check back each day as we share our tidbits and tips on how to make this your healthiest holiday season yet! 

Day 1 

Two is better than one, right? Meet our Combo Packs featuring the BOSU® Balance Trainer, BOSU® Ballast Ball, BOSU® POWERSTAX™ and more! Save 20% and get free shipping on all of our combo packs today, December 1, 2017.

This holiday season try the BOSU® Balance Trainer with the BOSU® POWERSTAX™ to add a whole new dimension to your workout! POWERSTAX™ are designed to hold the BOSU® Balance Trainer either dome up or platform side up to help you create endless exercise progressions. Each BOSU® POWERSTAX™ is designed to elevate the BOSU® Balance Trainer by 4 inches, and to stabilize it. Use the POWERSTAX™ to help you add variety and challenges to the BOSU® exercises you love.

Try this Burpee Line Drill to experience the POWERSTAX™, which easily allows for progressions and regressions.

At the beginning of the drill, the single BOSU® Balance Trainer provides a small range of motion for the squat jump but full range of motion for the push-up. As you move down the line, the squat jump becomes increasingly harder due to increased height, but the elevation makes the push-up a little easier. 

Or pair the BOSU® Balance Trainer with the BOSU® Ballast® Ball to create endless exercise options that will enhance strength, balance, mobility, and overall fitness.

The BOSU® Ballast® Ball is filled with 2.5 pounds of multi-dimensional load, so the ball stays in place, allowing you to perform exercise progressions and dynamic drills that are not possible with a regular stability ball. Learn more about this great product with these blogs:

Are you bored with traditional squats? If so, try one of our favorite squat variations! Get double the challenge by squatting on and off the unstable surface of the BOSU® Balance Trainer, while simultaneously swinging the BOSU® Ballast® Ball overhead.

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