Busting Out Some Moves on the BOSU® Ballast® Ball ….at Work!

What? You are still sitting pedestrian style at work - on a chair? Hey friend, it is 2018 where stand-up work desks are not just a fad anymore, they are a staple. The research is in on prolonged sitting and it isn’t good from any angle. So stand up and move while you work! When you do have to sit, use a ball as your seat and make it a sitting workout with one of my favorite fitness toys -- the BOSU® Ballast® Ball. Unlike a traditional stability ball, the Ballast® Ball has a secret ingredient inside that keeps it from rolling away. This secret stuff also allows the ball to be slightly weighted so that --- as we say in the BOSU® community -- we can lift it, shift it, and shake it when times get tough in the middle of a tense work week.

Here are three of my favorite moves you can perform on the Ballast® Ball while at work. And the bigger, louder, crazier and more disruptive you are in your cubicle, the more you are going to generate a shift in the office as your actions get co-workers moving more right alongside you, and sitting becomes a thing of the past!


Side Shift 

  • The hips are the stars of the show here. Sit up tall on the ball and simply move your hips side to side. Sitting in a chair promotes tight hips and immobility. But because the Ballast® Ball will shift right along with you, shifting your hips from side to side generates a range of motion and a balance challenge that wakes up the body. Do this at least once every 30 minutes for 1 minute.
  • Add an additional challenge by lifting one leg and crossing it in front of the other in the direction of the shift.



Supine Bounce and Slide

  • Start in a seated position and “happy bounce” on the Ballast® Ball. Pause to regain your balance, then walk out into a supine lying position with your shoulders on the ball.
  • Roll back up to seated position and begin to bounce again.




Extend and Shake

  • Standing behind the Ballast® Ball, place your hands on the top of the ball. Hinge forward at the hips and roll the ball out in front of your body. Think Downward Dog position, but hands are on the ball instead of the floor.
  • Roll the ball back in, squat and pick up the ball. Shake it from side to side several times so that the load moves inside the ball. Place the Ballast® Ball back on the floor and repeat. 



Mindy Mylrea is a BOSU® Master Trainer and is the creator of numerous programs, including Fluid Strength, Gliding Discs, and Tabata GX, as well as the co-creator of One Day to Wellness. Her non-profit, One Day to Wellness, shares wellness programs across the nation.

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