Five Activities for Kids Fun and Fitness

By: Brett Klika CSCS


Being a kid was fun.

Growing up in rainy Oregon, we often had to bring fun inside.

When outside wasn’t an option, our young imaginations would transform the living room carpet, furniture, and couch cushions into lava, mountains, and caves and we would spend our afternoons on creative, active adventures.

Many of us can remember this time before the virtual, inactive “iWorld” of television, computers, and other technological devices replaced imagination and movement as how kids spent their free time.  

Unfortunately this inactive, virtual world so many children are submersed in has created an overall decrease in physical activity and a dramatic increase in childhood obesity.

Changing this trend for the better, however, goes beyond merely “making kids exercise more.”

Fun is the wind in children’s sails. 

If youth physical activity is competing against inactive technology, the physical activity needs to be MORE FUN than technology.

Unfortunately, push-ups, sit ups, and the mile run don’t often win that battle. 

By infusing a bit of imagination with simple equipment designed specifically with children in mind, movement and physical activity can become a fun, engaging adventure that replaces the “play” button with actual play!

The BOSU® Sport Balance Trainer is one of the unique and simple pieces of equipment designed to combine imagination and movement into hundreds of opportunities for kids to enjoy being active. 

Below are five of these fun and challenging exercises that get kids to “smile and sweat” instead of “video and veg.”

#1  Freestyle Fanatic

  1. Place the BOSU® Sport on the floor with the dome side facing up.
  2. Have the child stand on the dome.
  3. Tell them they are in a “freestyle” contest where they will be skateboarding, skiing, snowboarding (or a similar activity). 
  4. Verbally create the imaginary environment (snowy mountain, street, etc).
  5. Instruct them to begin “bouncing” on the BOSU® Sport and every 5 bounces, they are to jump and perform a “trick”, landing and staying on the dome side.
  6. To make it more fun, create a judging “scale” for the tricks make certain tricks worth a certain number of points. 

#2  BOSU® Surfers

  1. Place the BOSU® Sport on the floor with the dome side facing up.
  2. Have the child lie on their stomach on the floor with their head about 6-12 inches from the dome.
  3. Tell the child that they are going surfing. In order to successfully “ride” a wave, they must get from their stomach to their feet as fast as possible, then jump onto the dome in a crouched “surfing” position.
  4. They successfully “ride the wave” if they stay on the dome without falling off for more than 5 seconds.
  5. Challenge them to try to “surf” facing the opposite way with each landing for 60 seconds.

#3  Lava Letters

  1. Place the BOSU® Sport on the floor with the dome side facing up.
  2. Have the child stand on top of the dome with both feet.
  3. Create an imaginary environment in which every part of the floor around the BOSU® Sport is made of hot lava and should be avoided.
  4. Begin the challenge by having the child balance on one leg, without falling in the “lava” for 5-10 seconds each leg.
  5. Once they are comfortable balancing, challenge them to write letters in the air with each foot.  For example, their first name with their right foot, their last name with their left foot.
  6. If they fall in the “lava”, they have to start over again.
  7. If they master this challenge, have them repeat closing their eyes.

#4  Cliff Climbers

  1. Place the BOSU® Sport on the floor with the dome side facing up.
  2. Have the child stand on top of the dome.
  3. Create the imaginary environment that the child is going to climb a mountain by crouching down on the dome, putting their hands on the floor, and walking them out as far as possible without any part of the body touching the ground.
  4. To create a measureable challenge, place an object just out of comfortable reach of the child when they are climbing, and give them the goal of retrieving it. 
  5. After they “climb” out as far as they can, they are to walk their hands backward until they are in the original “crouch” position where they began. 

#5  Sky Divers

  1. Place the BOSU® Sport on the floor with the dome side facing up.
  2. Have the child lie prone (stomach down) on the dome, adjusting their position to allow for the upper and lower body to be lifted off the ground simultaneously.
  3. Create the imaginary environment that the child is skydiving and must keep all limbs off of the floor for a total of 30 seconds. 
  4. After they are balanced and comfortable with this task, challenge them to “roll right”, “roll left” rolling their body in the appropriate direction without coming off of the BOSU® dome. 

As you can see, infusing fun and imagination into exercise with the BOSU® Sport can create a unique opportunity for kids to learn to love to move again!

The BOSU® Sport Kids DVD encourages kids to have lots of fun while they get fit, strong and flexible! This total body fitness program, created by renowned trainer Brett Klika, targets 6 – 12 year olds and teaches kids that when you exercise your heart, lungs and muscles every day, you can be fit for life. The 60-minute DVD includes five BOSU® workouts, plus warm-up and cool-down, focusing on different components of fitness. For more information, click here


BOSU Sport-Kids DVD creator Brett Klika is an award winning personal training, author and and CEO of SPIDERfit Kids and  For over 20 years, Brett has worked to provide resources and training for kids, parents, coaches, teachers and fellow fitness professionals to improve their health and live extraordinary lives.


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