Keeping the Balance as an Athlete, and Fitness Enthusiast

There comes a time when every athlete will hang up their sport and enter into a transition phase.  That transition phase usually involves working through what their daily lives will look like now that sport is no longer at the center. For as long as I remember, I have known the regimented life of an athlete.  Everything I put into my body and how I treated my body directly affected how I would perform that day in training or that next competition.  My life revolved around what I ate, consuming enough protein, sleeping at least 8 hours a night, rehab exercises to maintain healthy joints, and recovering anytime I got the chance.  Some of that regimen is nice to no longer be at the center of my life and perhaps a weight lifted off my shoulders, yet I realize that even now being retired and trying to be the best version of myself every day, keeping some degree of that regimen is important.  

I’ve always enjoyed fitness and working out, and I knew, even after retiring, that it would be an important part of my daily schedule along with eating healthy to create a strong foundation for my household.  It’s been so much fun to explore various types of exercising while also keeping much of what I learned from my days as a professional athlete, with BOSU® products playing a role in my weekly workouts BOSU® products played an integral part during my time as an athlete with injury rehab and strength, and now I continue to implement them in my daily exercise routine. I love the way BOSU® adds a stability challenge to exercises involving hamstring and core work as shown in these videos. I’m pretty sure that balance doesn’t improve with age, so that’s why I continue to add exercises that challenge my balance using these products. Between the BOSU® Ballast® Ball and BOSU® Balance Trainer, there's an exercise in every workout that include one of those two products. 

Both the BOSU® Balance Trainer and BOSU® Ballast® Ball can be used for all types of lunges and step ups.  Recently I’ve been working on my side-lunge form on the BOSU® Balance Trainer.  I love getting that balance challenge all the BOSU® products offer through their design from the ankle joint all the way to the hip.  I can remember the first time trying to get on this many years ago, it was not pretty.but your body will adjust as you continue to work at it!  I usually do 3 sets of 8 for each leg.

I love using the BOSU® Balance Trainer for plank exercises.  I do this exercise for my core and shoulders specifically to help maintain core strength and stability in the shoulder joint for swimming and lifting.  I usually add a level of challenge by moving the BOSU® Balance Trainer forward and back and side to side for 15 seconds each.  Complete 4 sets of 15 seconds forward and back then 15 seconds side to side.

BOSU® Ballast® Ball.  I use this product with every workout, and it usually involves hamstring and core work.  A new exercise I learned just before the Olympic Year is Prone Toe Touches on the Ballast® Ball.  It is a total core stability challenge.

BOSU® products made their way into my life as an athlete and now in my life as a retired athlete.  They are portable and dynamic and will add a challenge and bonus component to every workout! 

Christa Diezten is Rio 2016 Olympic Bronze Medalist, London 2012 Olympic Silver Medalist, FIVB World Champion and is the former captain of US Women's National Indoor Volleyball Team.

Before joining Team USA, Christa lead Penn State University to two back to back NCAA Championships.

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