Mindful Mobility with the BOSU® Balance Trainer

The BOSU® Balance Trainer is a great tool to help us create high intensity workouts. An unstable training environment makes most exercises more difficult, so if your clients love a challenge, you can create fun HIIT and circuit workouts to keep them on their toes. Keep in mind, however, that there are other important components of fitness that need to be included for a well-rounded program. Are you offering clients opportunities to train mobility and flexibility and focus on mindful movement? If not, consider making a few small adjustments and see how this can have a positive impact on your clients’ success.

Mindful movement is an important concept that can be integrated into any training session. Maintaining an internal focus while exercising, and limiting distractions, will facilitate a more effective workout. Simply ask clients to bring attention to their breathing and the sensations in their body when executing the moves. A little bit of intention can go a long way toward improving the quality of movement and creating a more enjoyable workout experience.

In addition, improving mobility can be advantageous for our clients because it will help them execute exercises safely and more efficiently. Mobility refers to the range of motion (ROM) at a specific joint. Increasing joint ROM can help clients reduce risk of injury by correcting muscular imbalances caused by tightness. Flexibility refers to the ability of your muscles to stretch. Utilizing the BOSU® Balance Trainer can make stretching more accessible and comfortable. Here are a few of my favorite mobility and flexibility exercises. Try incorporating them into your next class or training session!

Note that these dynamic exercises are more complex than traditional static stretches and will incorporate additional balance challenges. This will require focus and concentration and offer a more mindful approach that your students will enjoy!


Extended Hesitation Lunge


Stand behind the dome on the floor. Step forward and place the right foot on the front side of the dome. Lower into a lunge position with a 90-degree angle at each knee. Pause, then lift the front foot to lunge further forward on the dome, while extending the rear leg. Return to the start position. Do 12 repetitions, alternating the lead leg each time.


Hamstrings Hinge Scale


Stand behind the dome with the toes at the rim. Place the right heel on the dome and hinge forward at the hips with the ankle flexed. Unhinge and lift to a knee balance, reaching overhead with the arms. Hinge to a parallel scale and bring the fingertips to the dome. Return to standing. Do 6 repetitions on the right and then repeat left.


Figure 4 Chest Opener

Sit on the floor and lean back against the front of the dome with the spine extended and knees bent. Extend the right leg and bring the torso toward the thigh. Cross the right leg over the left thigh and lean back over dome, extending the arms out to the sides to open the chest. Extend the right leg again and bring the torso toward the thigh, and then lower right leg to floor. Repeat the chest opener with both feet on floor. Do 6 repetitions, alternating sides.


Melissa Weigelt, MS is a BOSU® Master Trainer and owner at Flow Fitness Training, where she develops and presents a variety of continuing education programs for fitness instructors.

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