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Summer can be a tough time to stay focused and maintain fitness goals. The kids are home and the focus is on family. Now that September is here, it’s time to get back on track. Getting started can be tough, but you can do it! Take this opportunity to set some new priorities and determine how you will get back to your fitness routine.

Having specific, attainable goals is the key to success. In general, 150 minutes of moderate-intensity exercise per week is recommended for most adults. Consider how many exercise sessions per week will work for you, and schedule this into your daily calendar. One example would be to exercise for 30 minutes, five times per week. Not bad, right? We can all find 30 minutes a day!

The BOSU® Balance Trainer is an excellent tool to help you get your workouts done efficiently. When utilizing it for cardio and strength work, you will simultaneously gain benefits for core and functional balance training. In addition, you can get all these benefits using only the BOSU® Ball! How convenient! Here are some recommended exercises to get you started:

Cardiovascular Conditioning Exercises

*Perform each exercise for 45 seconds to 1 minute

Plank Diagonal Jumps

With the platform side up, start in a low lunge position with right foot forward and hands on the Balance Trainer. While keeping the hands in place, jump and switch foot positions so that the left foot is forward and the right leg is back. Continue switching sides while keeping the core engaged.

Dome Squat with Jump Stick

With the dome side up, stand on the Balance Trainer with feet hip width apart. Perform a squat and pause at the bottom of the movement. Jump straight up in the air and land on the dome with soft knees. Then, extend the knees and hips to return to start position. Maintain a braced core throughout the movement.

Mountain Climbers

With the platform side up, begin in a plank position with hands on the Balance Trainer platform. Bring the right knee in toward the BOSU® Ball. Hop and switch legs to bring the left knee in toward the platform. Continue switching sides while moving rhythmically and in a controlled manner. Maintain a braced core throughout the movement.

Plyometric Lunge and Switch

With dome side up, begin in a split stance position with the right foot on the center of the dome and the left forefoot on the floor behind the platform. Lower down so that both knees are bent about 90 degrees. Jump in the air and switch foot positions to land with the right foot on the dome and left foot on the floor. Be sure to take time to stabilize before switching sides.

Strength Exercises

*Perform each exercise for 45 seconds to 1 minute

Traveling Biased Dome Push-up

Begin in a plank position with the right hand on the center of the dome and the left and on the floor. Do a push-up. At the top of the movement, switch sides by placing the left hand on the dome and the right hand on the floor and do another push-up. To progress, try adding a plyometric “hop” while switching hand positions. To make the exercise easier, keep the knees on the floor. 

Standing BOSU® Row

Stand, holding the Balance Trainer with the platform side up. Hinge forward from hips so that the torso is parallel to floor. Perform a row by bending the elbows until the upper arms are parallel to the floor. Return to start position by extending the elbows. Maintain a neutral spine throughout all repetitions.

V-Sit on Dome with Trunk Rotation

Sit on the center of the dome. Lean back slightly while maintaining a neutral spine position. Bend the knees approximately 90 degrees and lift the feet several inches off the floor. Add rotation by tilting the legs to one side while simultaneously turning the chest to the opposite side. Pause for a moment and then reverse sides.

Reverse Plank

Sit on the center of the dome with the legs extended and heels on the floor. Place the hands on the sides of the dome. Execute a hip extension by lifting the hips off the dome to create a straight line from the head to feet. Hold this position for a few seconds and then lower down to the start position.

Workout Variations

You can play with the sequencing and timing of the exercises to create endless possibilities for fun and challenging workouts, depending on your fitness level and goals. Here are a couple of ideas:

Sequence 1

  • Perform each cardiovascular exercise for 1 minute, resting 30 seconds in between each exercise
  • Rest for 1 minute and repeat the cardiovascular sequence one additional time
  • Perform each strength exercise for 1 minute, resting 30 seconds in between each exercise
  • Rest for 1 minute and repeat the strength sequence one additional time.


Sequence 2

  • Perform all 8 exercises, alternating strength and cardiovascular moves, for 45 seconds each, resting for 15 seconds between each exercise
  • Rest for 2 minutes and repeat the entire sequence one additional time


For more ideas, check out the BOSU® Total Body Basics DVD!

Melissa Weigelt, MS is a BOSU® Master Trainer and owner at Flow Fitness Training, where she develops and presents a variety of continuing education programs for fitness instructors.

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