Core Stabilization and Neutral Spine Posture

Functional movement, or the ability to move and respond without restriction, as well as to move and respond effectively and with intention, begins with an understanding of core stabilization and neutral spinal posture.

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BOSU Elevation Training

BOSU® Elevation Training, facilitated by the new STAX risers helps fitness professionals and coaches improve training outcomes for all client levels, and creates a new category of drills and training skills which can challenge anyone on the fitness continuum from world class athletes to deconditioned older adults.

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Thinking about trying barefoot running or barefoot walking? Start training with these exercises for creating stronger feet, whether you plan to go completely barefoot or wear barefoot running shoes.

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How To Achieve Pain Free Walking

Strengthening the lateral chain for pain-free walking.

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Decrease Joint Stress

Exercises to address and correct overpronation to decrease joint stress.

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Alleviating Back Pain Using the BOSU®

How can the BOSU® Balance Trainer help alleviate back pain?

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When it comes to your workouts, quality over quantity might just be the answer. 

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Assessing and Correcting Excessive Lumbar Lordois

How to use the BOSU® Balance Trainer (BT) to Correct Excessive Lumbar Lordosis.

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Alleviating Knee Pain Using the BOSU®

How can the BOSU® Balance Trainer help alleviate knee pain?

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BOSU® 3D Xtreme™

What do you get when you combine cardio, conditioning and core workouts? BOSU® 3D XTREME™. 

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