Drumming For Fitness

Learning about rhythm, encouraging movement and interaction are just a few benefits Angie Ellis, Physical Education teacher, is teaching her students in Tiffin, Ohio. Ellis received a donation of BOSU® Ballast® Balls and BOSU® Sports from Hedstrom to incorporate into her Drumming with Fitness Unit and her students are loving it!

drum circle


1. As a Physical Education teacher, what do you like about using BOSU® Ballast Balls?

The BOSU® Ballast Balls are perfect for my drumming unit that I teach in my Physical Education program because they are durable and will hold up to the drumming for years to come. I really like the Ballast Balls because the weight in them keeps the balls (“drums”) in place, rather than bouncing out of the bases in which they sit.

 2. How do your students benefit from your “Drumming With Fitness” Unit?

 I created this unique “Drumming With Fitness” Unit, specifically designed for Physical Education based on the Drums Alive program. Students are learning about rhythm and how it relates to physical activity by drumming and moving in time to a beat. “Drumming With Fitness” is a fun way to motivate children to move and groove as well as provide health benefits – physically, mentally, emotionally, socially, and most of all it is FUN!!!  The students have a BLAST participating in this very unique and fun unit, all while improving their fitness.

 3. What activities do you do with the BOSU® Sport Balance Trainers? What are the benefits?

I use the BOSU® Sports for some of my fitness stations during my Fitness Unit. I have students use their imaginations to pretend that the Ballast® Balls are “rocks” that they have to first step onto and balance on as they are crossing the river to the other side, then jump onto crossing the river.  In addition to all the fun they are having using their imaginations and trying to keep their balance on the BOSU® Sports, the students are also improving their coordination, balance, and core strength. The BOSU® Sports are just another fun, stimulating, and exciting way for my students to use their imaginations while being physically active and improving their overall fitness.


The students love using the BOSU® equipment in class because it’s new, exciting, stimulating, and fun. Best of all, the BOSU® equipment helps to improve my students’ balance, coordination, core strength, and fitness in a fun and exciting way! And because the BOSU® Ballast Balls and Sport Trainers are high quality, durable, and long-lasting, numerous children will benefit from using the BOSU® equipment in a Physical Education setting for years to come! The use of BOSU® equipment in my Physical Education program is another great way to promote physical activity to my students and keep them motivated to stay physically active and fit throughout their lifetime.


Mary Mickle

posted on April 11, 2016 2:02:30 PM EDT
Do you sell or share your Drumming With Fitness unit with other teachers? If so, how can I acquire a copy? Thanks!

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