5 BOSU Moves Moms Need to Do

By: Mommy's Me Time 

If you’ve been to a gym before, you’ve most likely seen the BOSU lying there in the corner. There were years when I didn’t use it simply because I didn’t know HOW to! One day I decided to try a few moves that I’d seen others do, and it quickly because one of my favorite pieces of equipment to incorporate into my workouts.

BOSU is an acronym for “both sides up.” This means the BOSU Balance Trainer can be used with the platform side either up or down for different types of balance work!

The BOSU can be used for cardio, muscle training, and flexibility, all while helping you to improve your balance.

Recently I’ve started to do a lot of at home workouts, and am slowly adding equipment to my home gym. When BOSU offered to send me a ball to review, I was thrilled! And to put icing on the cake, they even sent me one in pink!

If you’re looking to create your own home gym, in my opinion, the BOSU is a must have. Plus it won’t break the bank like larger at home workout equipment can.

I personally use the BOSU most often for ab work. Today I’m going to show you my five favorite moves I’ve been doing lately to get rid of my mommy pouch!

All these will work your transverse abdominals which are the deepest muscles in your abdomen that live underneath your six pack. These are the muscles you need to work to get that skinny waistline you want!

5 BOSU Ball Moves Every Mom Needs To Do

1. Single Leg BOSU Plank

Get into a forearm plank position. Lift and hold one leg in the air for 30 seconds. Switch legs and repeat.

Mommy Me Time

2. Plank With Scissors

Start in a forearm plank position. Simultaneously hop the legs outward. Jump together. Repeat for 1 minute.

Mommys Me Time

3. Plank with Side Taps 

Start in a forearm plank position. Keeping forearms on the ball, twist to the side and tap the right hip on the floor. Return to plank, then repeat with the left hip. Continue for 1 minute. 

Mommys Me Time

4. BOSU Ab Twist

Flip BOSU Ball so the platform is face up. Start in a straight arm plank position. Twist to the right and bring the left knee to the right elbow. Return to plank. Twist  to the left and bring the right knee to the left elbow. Repeat for 1 minute. 

Mommys Me Time

5. BOSU Plank Toe Tap

Start in a straight arm plank position. Tap right toes out. Return to plank Tap left toes out. Repeat for 1 minute. 

Mommys me time

A big thanks to BOSU for gifting me with this amazing piece of equipment. For more great workout ideas, you can follow them on FacebookPinterestInstagram, and Twitter.






posted on May 16, 2015 3:45:56 PM EDT
would like a printable chart. Thank you

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