Have You Tried Using the BOSU® Balance Trainer Like This?

Let’s back it up minute and take it from the top…do you know what “BOSU” stands for? BOSU® = Both Sides Utilized. 

That’s right, there are countless safe exercises that can be done on both sides of the Balance Trainer in a variety of positions. This versatile piece of equipment can be used for cardio, strength, core, mobility and balance. Sometimes I call the Balance Trainer the “World’s Largest Yoga Block” when I use it to make certain exercises more accessible. Sometimes I flip it and use the platform side as a “bench” that requires core stabilization to keep it level. Other times it’s a go to for clients who need a bit of shock absorption.

Before we talk exercises, put on your business hat. If you are a business owner, group fitness manager, instructor or trainer, you know how important it is to invest in equipment that gives you the best bang for your buck. There is only so much space in a facility or home to store equipment, and let’s face it, most of us have a budget. As a director or business owner, you know you want to invest in equipment that can be used by as much of your staff as possible and in as many types of class formats and trainings as possible. My thought process has always been to buy versatile equipment that has staying power and then use my budget for education on the equipment. It’s win/win. How effective and awesome is it be to be able to train cardio, core, strength, mobility and balance with ONE piece of equipment?

Now let’s talk exercise ideas. The exercises below are a tiny sample of innovative ways you can effectively use your BOSU® Balance Trainer. Here are two acronyms that refer to placement of the dome and platform side as you perform each exercise.

DSU = Dome Side Up

PSU = Platform Side Up


For standing exercises, only the Dome Side Up is used. Standing on the Platform Side Up is not recommended and may lead to injury.

  • Over the Top + 180 Turn – Cardio (DSU)

  • Swivel Lunge + Jump – Strength (DSU)

  • Calf Stretch – Mobility (DSU)

  • Hopscotch - Cardio (DSU)

  • Seated Strech (DSU)

  • V-Sit to Core Tuck – Core (DSU)


    Kneeling & Supine

  • Dumbbell Shoulder Press – Strength (DSU)

  • Dead Bug + Variations - Core



  • Recoil Spider Push-Up – Strength (DSU)

  • Platform Push-Up Overhead Reach – Strength (PSU)

  • Hip Flexor Stretch - Mobility (PSU)

  • Mountain Climber Thruster - Core (PSU)

  • Traveling Power Push-Up - Strength (DSU)


    Side Lying

  • Trunk Stretch - Mobility (DSU)

  • Lateral Trunk Flexion - Core (DSU)


    As you can see, the options are endless! Start to look at your BOSU® Balance Trainer differently and you, too, will be able to safely use both sides with a variety of new approaches. 

    Elizabeth Lenart is a BOSU® Master Trainer. She is the founder of innerathlete in East Longmeadow, Massachusetts, where she consults, trains and coaches. She also appears on the TV show Mass Appeal as a fitness expert.

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