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Home Gym Gift Guide

2020 has been a year for the books and has put self-wellness at the top of most people’s priority list. Thousands of home gyms are being built with gyms across the country closed. So, it is likely home gym equipment is at the top of your or your loved ones’ Christmas list. We tapped our experts to build the ultimate home gym Christmas list. 


1.)   The BOSU® Home Balance Trainer


Nothing beats a classic, the BOSU® Home Balance Trainer is designed for your home gym. 6 non-skid feet prevent sliding on floors and being made in the USA ensures quality matches the Balance Trainers you use at your local gym.


2.)   TRX® Home2 System


One of the most versatile pieces of fitness equipment on the market today. The TRX® Home2 will help you use your body as weight.


3.)   The New BOSU® Surge®


With limited space in most homes, it’s hard to have the right amount of weights, well the BOSU® Surge uses water as its weight, making its weight completely adjustable up to 40 or 60lbs depending on the model of Surge. 


4.)   Peloton Bike


There is no doubt the Peloton Bike is one of the hottest items in home fitness. With a fun virtual community and personal trainers, it’s easy to see why. Though you’ll need to really open up your wallet to get on the Peloton train (bike).


5.)   The Total Gym


The Total Gym is the original home gym to many back in the day. Odds are you can snag one of these used, but if you’re buying one as a gift it’s best to buy one new. (Chuck Norris not included).