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Kettlebell Exercises with the SURGE® Hydro Ball

The SURGE® Hydro Ball gives our bodies constant feedback and challenges with every little shift or tilt of the water inside the ball. This causes the entire body to adjust! Because of the water moving in the ball, core stabilization is required during every exercise. This instability adds challenges to your typical kettlebell exercises, and transfers over to life and sport. Functional training in a small package! There are times we want to keep the water quiet while moving the ball. Sometimes the water will oscillate, maintaining continuous motion. Let’s take a look at three traditional kettlebell exercises that can be done with the SURGE® Hydro Ball. 


  • Start with feet shoulder width apart
  • Hold Hydro Ball in a 2-hand, 2-handle grip at chest level with elbows bent
  • Rotate the ball toward one ear and around the back of the head, returning to start position
  • The water should oscillate continuously
  • Perform 8 – 10 reps; repeat other side

Reverse Lunge with Overhead Press

  • Start with feet together, core engaged
  • Rack the Hydro Ball at shoulder height in your right hand
  • Step back with the right foot and bend both knees 90 degrees into a lunge
  • Step back together and press the Hydro Ball directly overhead
  • The water should remain quiet in the ball throughout the exercise
  • Perform 8 – 10 reps; repeat other side

Swing with Optional Release and Flip

  • Start in a wide stance
  • Hold the Hydro Ball in a 2-hand, 1-handle grip in front
  • Hinge forward at the hips, swinging the Hydro Ball between the legs  
  • Explosively drive the hips to propel the Hydro Ball forward and up to chest or shoulder height
  • Swing back to the start position
  • The water should oscillate continuously 
  • Optional: Flip the Hydro Ball at the top of the arc; catch and swing to start position
  • Repeat 10 – 12 times

Linda Magee, M.S. Exercise Science, is a SURGE® Master Trainer who presents nationally and internationally to new and seasoned fitness professionals. Her love for education has allowed her to teach in the Exercise Science Department at Eastern Connecticut State University.