New Year, New You with BOSU®

By: Carol Teteak

The New Year is a great time to add a new flavor to your workout routine…and BOSU® has the perfect recipe! The new Build Your Own BOSU® option allows you to choose from 6 dome colors and 5 rim colors to create a BOSU® Balance Trainer that suits your unique taste. Feeling spicy? Red and orange would be delicious! Have a cooler palate? Try blue and green. Whichever you choose, your colorful Balance Trainer is the ideal ingredient to help re-energize your fitness goals for 2017.

The unparalleled and dynamic surface of the BOSU® Balance Trainer enhances your movement experience by providing constant proprioceptive feedback (awareness of your body). Additionally, its versatility allows you to challenge balance, agility, coordination, power, strength and endurance – all of which should be incorporated into a weekly fitness program to improve or maintain total body health!

Try blending the following exercises into your current routine for a bonus or layer them all together for a new, fully integrated workout. If you’re new to BOSU® training, take your time acclimating to the exercises and only incorporate advanced balance variables, speed and power after you’re comfortable with the basic exercise. Perform the exercises for about 60 seconds each, on both the right and left leads where applicable.

Cardio Challenge

Training Target: Cardiovascular endurance

Around the World

Alternately tap and switch feet while circling around the dome in one direction then the other.

Power Squats 

Alternately squat side to side from dome to floor with propulsion. Eliminate the propulsion if you are new to BOSU® training.

Lower Body Blast

Training Target: Strength and neuromuscular efficiency

Progressive Lunge Series

Start with a basic alternating lunge then slowly progress by adding balance challenge variables: lunge with dome tap, lunge with knee lift, lunge with long lever lift behind.

Linked Lunges 

Link 2 to 4 repetitions of each of the individual lunges shown previously for a more challenging exercise.

Dynamic Core

Training Target: Core and upper body strength with dynamic stabilization

Plank to Push-up

Although shown as a flowing movement pattern, both the plank and the decline push-up can be performed independently.

Perfect Your Posture

Begin lying in a face down position over the BOSU® dome. Center your torso over the dome with your toes on the floor. Lift the arms forward, side and back.

Carol Teteak is the U.S. Trade Show Assistant for BOSU® and Hedstrom Fitness but spends the majority of her time as the Fitness Coordinator at Edward-Elmhurst Health & Fitness in Woodridge, IL. She holds a Master's degree in Exercise Science and has been Personal Training and teaching Group Fitness for almost 20 years.

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