Reaching Your New Year’s Fitness Goals with BOSU®

By: Melissa Weigelt

Having a regular fitness routine offers many benefits, including improved energy and mood, reduced likelihood of disease, better sleep, and improved ability to engage in activities of daily living. It is empowering to have a direct impact on our health and wellness! Don’t you agree?

Having said all that, I must be honest.  Another motivation for my daily workout is a desire to look my best. I admit it! This “40 something” girl has seen some unwelcome changes in her physique in recent years.  Weight management at this stage of life is certainly a challenge. 

I know many of my fellow gym-goers share this sentiment, and many of us are especially motivated as we set our fitness goals for 2016.  When working toward a “slimmer middle”, many fitness enthusiasts spend a great deal of time trying to “crunch” away their mid-section.  Although it is well documented that spot reduction is not possible, many of us are still tempted to try. 

Don’t do it! It doesn’t work, and doing excessive amounts of spinal flexion exercises over a period of time, can be detrimental to spine health.  Want to improve body composition and strengthen the core in a healthy and functional way?  Try my core and cardio workout with the BOSU® Balance Trainer. It offers the perfect combination of calorie-burning HIIT (high intensity interval training) drills with safe and effective core stabilization exercises. Enjoy the benefits of improved body composition, as well as the important health benefits mentioned above.

After a thorough warm up, execute the following exercises in order for 1 minute each, with minimal time to transition. The core exercises can be used as active recovery for the cardio exercises.  Rest for two minutes, and repeat. Reach your fitness goals for 2016 with this short and sweet 20-minute routine!

Key: DSU – dome side up, PSU – platform side up


PSU – Mountain climbers

Mountain Climber1 Mountain Climber2

Begin in a plank position with hands on the handles of the platform.  Maintain neutral spine while quickly alternating knees in toward platform.

DSU – Jump Split Lunges

 Jump Split 1 Jump Split 2 Jump Split 3

Execute a stationary lunge with front foot on dome. Jump to switch legs, so opposite foot is on dome. Land with front knee over ankle and shoulders over hips.

PSU – Burpee with Overhead Press

Burpee1 Burpee2 Burpee3

Stand on floor behind dome. Squat and place hands on the handles of the platform. Jump back to a plank position. Jump in toward the platform. Stand and lift BOSU, pressing it overhead. Repeat by bracing core and carefully placing dome on floor.


DSU – Jump Turns

Jump Turns1 Jump Turns2 Jump Turns3

Stand on top of dome. Flex hips, knees, and ankles slightly to load legs evenly. Jump and execute a quarter turn. Repeat 3 additional times, turning in the same direction to end facing front.  Repeat, turning in the opposite direction.


DSU – Walking Plank

Walking Plank1 Walking Plank2 Walking Plank3

Begin in a plank position with elbows on the dome.  Transition to a straight arm plank, one arm at a time, and then return to an elbow plank. Alternate lead arm with each repetition.

DSU – Kneeling Dead Lift Balance

Kneeling Dead Lift1 Kneeling Dead Lift2

Kneel with shins centered on top of dome, toes lifted off floor. Slowly hinge forward from the hips about 45 degrees while simultaneously reaching fingertips toward floor. Maintain neutral spine. Return to starting position.

DSU - Supine Open and Tuck

Supine1 Supine2

Sit with hips slightly forward of top of dome, with feet off floor, knees bent 90 degrees. Place hands on sides of dome for support. Slowly lean back while simultaneously extending legs, maintaining neutral spine. Return to start position.

DSU – Kneeling Two-Point Balance

Kneeling1  Kneeling2

Kneel with hands on floor and knees centered on top of dome. Simultaneously lift right arm and left leg so each is parallel to floor.  Maintain neutral spine. Return to start position and repeat other side.

 Melissa Weigelt is an ACE certified group fitness instructor and NASM certified personal trainer.  She develops and teaches AFAA and ACE approved continuing education workshops and she is a BOSU® Regional Master Trainer.


posted on February 1, 2016 10:18:10 AM EST
On the jump split lunge, do u come off the bosu, then jump and land with opposite foot into the lunge on the bosu.

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