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We like to do the things we’re good at.

Fitness has become fierce! Lift heavier, jump higher, fight for a PR, perfect choreography! We train to become great at something. We are more likely to continue doing something we are good at.

Somehow it has become a badge of honor to walk around almost broken, unable to move post training.  There has become a sense of prestige in making ourselves or our clients as sore as possible for as long as possible. We’ve seen the stereotypical “muscle head” who is so tight that he can barely move. How is that attractive or a badge of honor? How does that even feel good?

Just as we train for strength, power, speed, or for anything else, we need to train for flexibility. That’s right, we need to train for flexibility too. If you got better at it, would you do it more often?

Here’s some incentive. Stretching on a regular basis promotes greater range of motion in joints, relieves muscle tension, helps prevent injury and can even enhance coordination.  This could mean a deeper, heavier squat, recovering from workouts faster, and greater agility on the field.

Does stretching seem daunting to you or your clients? Well, what if I told you I could offer you a giant yoga block of sorts, to bring the floor closer to you, cushion your body, and make stretching more accessible? Would you try?

The BOSU® Balance Trainer makes both stretch and yoga inspired movements accessible and more comfortable, whether flexibility is a new goal or if you have limitations and/or structural imbalances that have hindered you from yummy releases.   

Just as HIIT classes, for example, can scare people away, so can yoga and stretch. Imagine getting “stuck” in a pose or not being able to transition from one position to the next.  Yup, it’s happened to me. I wasn’t good at it so I didn’t want to return, as much as I knew my body needed it…UNTIL I started using the BOSU® Balance Trainer.

But BOSU® Programs like “Strong & Stretched” and “Studio Pilates” were game changers! The height, shape and softness of the Balance Trainer allowed me to do my best version of a posture or a stretch! As I relaxed into each new opportunity, I got better. As I got better at, I started to use my favorite fitness prop for stretching more and more. I couldn’t wait to share with staff and clients. Stretching helped minimize muscle soreness and allowed me to get back to training faster and more aggressively.  I booked trainings at facilities to share how helpful the unique properties of the Balance Trainer helped me, with two rods in my spine, access stretch and yoga inspired movements like never before.

Stretching improves circulation, can increase clarity and leave us less tired. I look forward to it now and feel a definitive increase in energy. I move with confidence, not hesitation, when I train and in daily activities as well.

Phew! I was so relived to find a way to really take the self-care part of my fitness regime to a whole new level. As I used the Balance Trainer more in this way, my clients wanted to as well. I saw more people watching us and wanting to reap these benefits. I’ve even used the BOSU® POWERSTAX™ to elevate the height of the Balance Trainer even more for clients needing a bit more assistance. They work together like a charm.

Each POWERSTAX™ elevates the height of the Balance Trainer by four inches. While  height can progress certain exercises, the extra height under the Balance Trainer regresses the stretch making more accessible for clients unable to get low enough to perform traditional stretches. I recently worked with a client who also had spinal surgery. The trauma of the surgery left him afraid to move. I put the Balance Trainer on four or five POWERSTAX™, and each session we took one away, slowly regressing as he was able to get closer to the floor. Once he was able to get low enough to use the Balance Trainer only, he bought one to use on his own at home.

If you want your lifts to get heavier and your jumps to get higher … if you want to move more freely throughout your day, you should implement stretching into your regimen.

If you want to become better at the things you’re already good it, you’ve got to train for it!

-Written by Elizabeth Lenart, BOSU Master Trainer

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