3 Functional Exercises Made Better With BOSU®

By: Ira McNamara

Let’s face it, we all hit plateaus now and then with our workouts, and need to incorporate new challenges. Changing things up does not need to be a complex process; it can be as easy as adding a BOSU® Balance Trainer to some functional exercises you may already be doing. Finding new ways to safely challenge your body to move under a variety of changing conditions can instantly inject excitement into your regular routine.

Simply adding a balance component to these three functional exercises will require constant adjustments to maintain your equilibrium. This will, In turn, burn more calories by engaging a larger population of muscles and putting higher demand on your core to provide the synergy needed between all your working parts. Use these functional exercises to multiply your efforts to take on the movement demands of everyday life, sports and activities.

New results and fun new variations are the rewards waiting for you when you use the BOSU® Balance Trainer to make these 3 exercises better. 

(1)  The BURPEE

The burpee is revered (or perhaps hated) because it is a full body exercise requiring a lot of muscle engagement, making it “one stop shop” kind of exercise. But why stop there?  Why not add a balance component and get even more out of your burpee? As demonstrated below the burpee variations are endless when you add a BOSU® Balance Trainer into the mix.

(2)  The SQUAT

Building strength through a weighted squat has its benefits.  But you can really enhance the training power, agility, balance and stability by moving your squat from a stable, flat surface to the dome of your BOSU® Balance Trainer. You can leverage a great variety of movement patterns to address these often neglected components of fitness. In this demo the triple squat is used to illustrate just some of the options you can work on mastering.  Add in a BOSU® Soft Fitness Ball for an even greater challenge!        


Nothing gets the heart pumping and the body engaged like an interval on the battle ropes.  Now, imagine the extra engagement and adjustments required when you incorporate the unstable surface of the BOSU® Balance Trainer. Every time your weight shifts to hoist the ropes, your legs and torso need to work much harder to make adjustments and compensate for the unstable dome.  You can work on mastering a stable stance while maintaining static posture, or you can add some dynamic movement and challenge your body’s ability to generate power while in motion. See the video below for some great examples.

So what are you waiting for?  Go give it a try; these are just a few examples of how common functional exercises can be made better with BOSU®.  Check out many more BOSU® exercises here.



Ira McNamara is a Kinesiology graduate from York University. He is a BOSU® and Pound Rockout Workout Master Trainer who inspires and motivates fitness professionals and consumers through conferences, workshops, and speaking engagements. Connect with Ira on his blog www.cornerstonefitnesstv.com.


posted on March 8, 2016 10:13:31 AM EST
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