Why Have a BOSU® in Your Home?

Erika Quest 

By Erika Quest

The BOSU® Balance Trainer is a dynamic piece of fitness equipment  used in many fitness and wellness environments. From classes in a gym setting and sports specific training to rehabilitative and physical therapy scenarios, the Balance Trainer is a perfect fitness tool for everyone! Because  the BOSU® Balance Trainer is easy to use at home, here are three reasons why you should keep one close by at all times.

Fantastic Feet
Proprioception and biofeedback when standing on the cushioned surface of the BOSU® dome feels wonderful on the feet! In just a few short minutes you can improve your foot mobility, strengthen the small muscles in and around the tarsals and metatarsals and give your soles a massage. Standing on the dome and shifting your weight from foot to foot can help alleviate general soreness and help improve your overall balance. When you step off, you will feel a sense of calm and reorganization through the entire body.

Basic Balance
In most people, balance begins to weaken at the age of 30, so it is important to train it as often as possible in multiple body positions to help with fall prevention and reaction time. Simply changing from standing to kneeling, sitting, side lying, supine or prone on the dome will shift your center of gravity; thus providing your body with the capacity for invisible learning. Just a few minutes each day with your Balance Trainer and a favorite BOSU® DVD can improve your basic balance significantly!

Healthy Life
Expanding on basic balance, BOSU® training allows for a three dimensional platform to promote healthy activities of daily life (ADLs). No matter our age, we all want to wake up bright each day and be able to perform our daily tasks easily and with energy. To do that we need both a strong body and a strong mind. The focus that is required when raining with the BOSU® Balance Trainer will stimulate your brain and awaken neural pathways to keep your fitness in check for both your brain and your body.

It’s time to expand your workout options outside of  the gym. Do yourself a BIG favor and bring the love of the BOSU® Balance Trainer to your home right away!

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Erika Quest, the owner of Studio Q Pilates Conditioning in Laguna Beach, CA, is a BOSU® Development Team member, part of the Balanced Body® Faculty, a BASI graduate and regular instructor for Pilates Anytime.

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