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Our BOSU® Global Education Team provides education of varying lengths, on a variety of products, in various venues. Below, you’ll find our full length BOSU® Certifications we’ll be presenting all over the globe in 2017.
Please feel free to reach out to a Master Trainer near you to organize a BOSU® Course for your team. Or, if you'd prefer, click here to learn about bringing BOSU® programming to your facility

BOSU® Skills & Drills For Group Personal Training Certification (6 hour certification)

If you love the BOSU® Balance Trainer and have been searching for more innovative ways to incorporate this evergreen tool, this certification is for you! Not only will you walk away with a toolbox full of new skills, drills, and activities perfectly suited for all clientele, but you’ll also learn how to create compelling group personal training programs that are easily packaged, promoted, and purchased. Whether you want to deliver cardio, integrated strength, core, dynamic mobility, balance and agility, or all of the above into a results-based, monetized program, BOSU® has got you covered!
Equipment needs: BOSU® Balance Trainer 1:1

BOSU® Complete Workout System Certification (8 hour certification)

Unlock the potential of the BOSU® Balance Trainer with this foundational balance training certification that combines science, practical application and over 150 BOSU® exercises and drills. It’s a jam-packed day that will provide you with a toolbox full of ideas to make the BOSU® Balance Trainer more effective in your club, in your classes and with your clients. This certification takes you step by step through the BOSU® Complete Workout System, provides you with 5 full workouts that you can start using right away, and gives you a unique system to help progress, regress, or vary any exercise. Leave this certification with knowledge of the science behind functional balance training, teaching skills to accommodate all levels of fitness, and new tools and ideas for designing endless BOSU® workouts that are effective and fun! Participants will receive the BOSU® Complete Workout System Certification workbook, and the BOSU® Complete Workout System Kit which includes 5 DVDs, 192 page manual, and 9 laminated workout charts.
Equipment needs: BOSU® Balance Trainer 1:1; BOSU® Soft Fitness Ball 1:1, Body Bar® (optional)

BOSU® Mind-Body Certification (8 hour certification)

The BOSU® Mind-Body Certification teaches you a unique fusion of Yoga and Pilates inspired movement sequences that use the BOSU® Balance Trainer, Ballast® Ball, and Soft Fitness Ball. Learn how to build strength, balance and flexibility while creating greater body awareness in a mindful atmosphere of moving meditation. This training will give you fresh and dynamic exercises to use in group fitness or personal training settings. You will learn to teach a full class that fuses Yoga and Pilates, as well as how to split the exercise sequences for separate Pilates or Yoga workouts. Prepare to be challenged with advanced training techniques and new ideas! Participants will receive the BOSU® Mind-Body Certification Manual and DVD.
Equipment needs:  BOSU® Balance Trainer 1:1, BOSU® Ballast Ball 1:1, BOSU® Soft Fitness Ball 1:1, Yoga Mat 1:1


BOSU® Personal Training Certification (8 hour certification)

The BOSU® Personal Training Certification teaches you a unique system for incorporating strength, cardio, core, balance and agility into one full body workout with the BOSU® Balance Trainer and other BOSU® equipment. This training will give you the theory and science behind functional training, as well as new and exciting BOSU® exercises that can be used for one-on-one personal training or small group settings. Learn how to coach a full workout consisting of 6 triplexes that focus on different components of fitness, as well as progressions and regressions for all levels. In addition, you will take away 6 bonus challenges that can be added to any workout for motivation and fun. Get ready to take your training to a higher level! Participants will receive the BOSU® Personal Training Certification Manual and DVD.
Equipment needs:  BOSU® Balance Trainer 1:1, BOSU® Ballast Ball 1:1, BOSU® Soft Fitness Ball 1:1, BOSU® POWERSTAX 1:1


3D XTREME™ Certification powered by BOSU®  (6 hour certification)

3D XTREME™ is a pre-formatted solution to maximize usage of the BOSU® Balance Trainers in your club. This completely unique, high-intensity, team- oriented workout program combines functional, integrated total body training with calorie-blasting cardio, intense core, and interactive team challenges to get XTREME results in the minimum amount of time. The secret is the three-dimensional impact of Triplex Training that fuses cardio, conditioning, and core and utilizes the BOSU® Balance Trainer with other favorite training equipment to help improve overall fitness. The exercises will challenge you, the pace will drive you and the team energy will inspire you! Get certified to bring this program to your club and watch participants build muscular strength, muscular endurance, cardiovascular power, and flexibility. Because the BOSU® Balance Trainer is utilized in every workout, participants also improve agility, balance, coordination, and reactivity. The team-oriented nature of the workout inspires interaction, socialization and friendly competition while amplifying the intensity. Designed to burn the maximum calories in a minimum amount of time, 3D XTREME™ delivers a high- results workout for all fitness levels. Participants will receive the 3D XTREME™ Handout, as well as access to the 3D XTREME™ Web Portal .
Equipment Needs: BOSU® Balance Trainer 2:3; BOSU® Ballast Ball 1:3; Med Ball 1:3**this can be any type of bouncy med ball 


BOSU® Mobility and Stability for Active Aging Certification (8 hour certification)

This unique BOSU® certification gives both group fitness instructors and personal trainers new ways to train one of the largest growing populations on the planet, the active aging market. Using the approaches of WHAT, WHY and HOW, participants will receive research-based ideas to learn WHAT are the best exercises to teach to Active Agers, WHY certain movement patterns are important, and HOW best to implement these cutting-edge movement patterns and training techniques in group classes and personal training sessions. Understand the four types of age and learn how to use creative games to build functional strength, face the fear of falling with gait training, practice various ways to get up and down, move more efficiently through the entire kinetic chain, train mental functions, and ultimately make all daily movements easier to do! While moving through many of the body’s functional positions for activities of daily life, this workshop will explore how the BOSU® can provide assistance, resistance, cushioning and stimulus to amplify the effect for this important and growing market of exercisers. Participants will receive the BOSU® Mobility and Stability for Active Aging Manual, the BOSU® Mobility and Stability for Active Aging DVD, and hands-on practical experience.
Equipment needs:  BOSU® Balance Trainer 1:1; BOSU® Soft Fitness Ball 1:1

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