Elite Athletes & Professional Coaches Testimonials

Andy Walshe, USSA Director Sport Science & Scott Higgins, USFST Physiologist
U.S. Ski and Snowboard Association

"The BOSU® Balance Trainer is an invaluable tool for U.S. Ski and Snowboard team members at all levels. It's a key tool for the United States Ski and Snowboard Department of Sport Science and Conditioning. The versatility and application of the BOSU® Balance Trainer is so great our teams travel with them year round."

Fernando Montes, Founder of KAIZEN Training Systems
Former Head Strength & Conditioning Coach, Cleveland Indians & Texas Rangers

"The BOSU® Balance Trainer is another great addition to any strength and conditioning coach's arsenal. The BOSU® Balance Trainer brings both imagination and physical challenge to core stability and proprioception for any athlete's training program."

Bennie Wylie, Head Strength & Conditioning Coach
Texas Tech

"I implement the BOSU® Balance Trainer in our off-season program for core strength training and rehabilitation of ankle and knee problems. It is a great piece of equipment and gives us an important extra dimension to our overall fitness program. Almost all of the players use the BOSU® Balance Trainer in some fashion on a regular basis."

Rick LeBeau
World Masters Flying Disc Champion

"The BOSU® Balance Trainer has been my favorite discovery in the world of workout devices. It has incredible versatility. It's easy to learn but difficult to master. Each time I use it, I can feel the difference immediately, and I can still feel it the next day. Areas of my body that I've worked on for a lifetime still feel the challenge of working with the BOSU® Balance Trainer. I love showing it to people who've never seen it before. They're drawn instantly to this fascinating invention, and begin straightaway to figure out how many things they can do on it and with it. Thanks for the BOSU® Balance Trainer; I intend to get a lifetime of use with it."

Mike Vasalani, Strength/Conditioning Coordinator
New Jersey Devils - Stanley Cup Champions

"I incorporate Swiss Ball training extensively into our off-season programs. The BOSU® Balance Trainer was a great addition to our core program. It was very user friendly and the players enjoyed the challenge that the BOSU® Balance Trainer added. For quite some time, we have been trying to find a way to do some of the complicated Swiss Ball movements safely - well, your device has accomplished this and then some. I look forward to continuing experimenting with the BOSU® Balance Trainer to keep on improving our core strength. I would highly recommend the BOSU® Balance Trainer to anyone, especially for those already using Swiss Ball training."

Neil Rackers, Place Kicker
Arizona Cardinals

"The BOSU® Balance Trainer has tremendously improved both my stability and overall body control. It would be an asset to any athlete in any athletic activity."

Julian Jones, Head of Strength & Conditioning
Australian Institute of Sport (AIS)

"The Australian Institute of Sports' strength and conditioning coaches find the BOSU® Balance Trainer to be of great value in improving the core stability and proprioceptive awareness of its Olympic athletes over a wide range of sports encompassing such activities as swimming, soccer, volleyball and individual track & field events. The ability of many of our athletes to mimic the movements of their sport makes the BOSU® Balance Trainer an indispensable piece of equipment here at the Australian Institute of Sport."

Neil O'Donnell, Former Quarterback
Tennessee Titans

"The BOSU® Balance Trainer improves balance and overall body control like no other training device. It is a key component in my training."

Steven P. Cotter
Two-time U.S. National Kuoshu Champion

"The BOSU® Balance Trainer is the most versatile and complete training device I have ever encountered. As a national champion athlete, I have found that balance, stability and awareness are some of the most important components to competitive success. The BOSU® Balance Trainer develops all of these qualities simultaneously. This is a revolutionary approach to developing functional strength and is the future in the development of high level athleticism. Its applications are limitless! I am learning a great deal about my body working with the BOSU® Balance Trainer, as it demands a mind/body unity not seen in the more traditional training methods. The BOSU® Balance Trainer is a must for any serious athlete. Thank you, for giving me the edge!"

Amber Williams
National High School Pentathlon Champion

"I am so excited that I was introduced to the BOSU® Ball early in my track career. It is really going to make the difference in my body control."

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