LovePink Shares Energy for Women with Breast Cancer


Energetic: Participants in Lovepink’s “Pink BOSU Party”, held in collaboration with Celebrity Fitness on
Sept. 29 at the Kota Kasablanca shopping mall in South Jakarta. (Courtesy of Lovepink)

 Of all the treatments needed to cure breast cancer, LovePink group believes that mental support is as important as the therapies and medication.

Shanti Persada, one of the group’s founders, said that as a breast cancer survivor, she found that a chance to talk with someone who also understood what she had been through had been very useful.

“Muti [another founder, Madelina Mutia] and I liked to share everything about breast cancer, support each other and even cried about it together, too. When we got better, we realized that the talks that we had were very helpful,” Shanti said.

“That’s why we decided to set up a bigger group that focuses on giving support.”

Shanti said that at first the group had held its discussions on instant messenger groups. But as the membership of those groups are limited, LovePink was set up to accommodate more people.


To be launched: Lovepink plans to launch later this month to give women a
space to discuss, share and learn more about breast cancer. (Courtesy of Lovepink)

The website,, will be formally launched on Oct. 26 to provide a forum where people who have breast cancer or who want to know more about it can interact with each other.

Prior to the website launch, the group will also have a fun walk on Oct. 6 where members will also distribute “cans for coins” to people who want to donate their Rp 1,000 coins.

“Our focus is mental support, so the collected money will be saved to help those in need and to help finance our activities,” Shanti said.

The group’s activities include early detection campaigns to raise awareness about breast cancer. The group will collaborate with women’s communities to encourage their members and the other to have breast self-examination.

LovePink also has promo deals with several hospitals in Jakarta for mammography screenings and ultrasonography (USG) procedures.

“Lumps are not always painful, but if you feel anything on the breast, go see doctor immediately,” Shanti said.

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