Master Trainers

Master Trainers are hand selected to deliver a variety of 2, 4 and 8 hr courses on behalf of BOSU®. Click on any of the trainers pictures to find out more information. Please feel free to reach out to a Master Trainer near you to organize a BOSU® Course for your team.

For a list of current BOSU® workshops being presented, please click here.

Or, if you'd prefer, click here to learn about bringing BOSU® programming to your facility!

If you are interested in joining this impressive team of Master Trainers, please click here to find out more.

  • Pam

    Pam Benchley

    Buffalo, NY
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  • Shannon Colavecchio

    Shannon Colavecchio

    Tallahassee, FL
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  • Christine Gallagger DeFilippis

    Christine DeFilippis

    Philadelphia, PA
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  • Samantha Di Maggio

    Samantha Di Maggio

    Hattiesburg, MS
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  • Leah Dupuie

    Leah Dupuie

    Gainesville, FL

  • Carrie Haines

    Carrie Haines

    Truckee, CA
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  • Lynn Hermann

    Lynn Herrmann

    DeKalb, IL
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  • Becky Ingebrigtsen

    Becky Ingebrigtsen

    Sun Prairie, WI

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  • Ira McNamara

    Ira McNamara

    Kelowna, British Columbia
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  • Ingrid Knight-Cohee

    Ingrid Knight-Cohee

    British Columbia, Canada
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  • Elizabeth Kovar

    Elizabeth Kovar

    Seattle, WA
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  • Kathy Landry

    Kathy Landry

    Montréal, Québec
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  • Becky Langton

    Becky Langton

    Raleigh, NC
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  • Elizabeth Lenart

    Elizabeth Lenart

    Springfield, MA
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  • Linda Magee

    Linda Magee

    Woodstock, CT
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  • Jessica Maurer

    Jessica H. Maurer

    Asheville, NC
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  • Linda McDonald

    Linda McDonald

    Hingham, MA
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  • Erik Reynolds

    Erik Reynolds

    Fort Lauderdale, FL
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  • Christopher Roche

    Christopher Roche

    Toronto, Canada
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  • Alison Smith

    Alison Smith

    San Antonio, TX
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  • Dawn Stenis

    Dawn Stenis

    Boston, MA
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  • Roberta Trzebinski

    Roberta Trzebinski

    Kingdom of Bahrain
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  • Lucy Waite

    Lucy Waite

    College Station, TX
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  • Melissa Weigelt

    Melissa Weigelt

    Cicero, NY
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  • Jen Williston

    Jen Williston

    Moncton, NB Canada
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  • Lucy Vanoren-Johnson

    Lucy Vanorden-Johnson

    Rochester, NY
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