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Jeanne F. Nichols, Ph.D. Dept. of Exercise & Nutritional Sciences
San Diego State University - San Diego, CA

"Researchers in the Department of Exercise & Nutritional Sciences at San Diego State University conducted a pilot study to determine the efficacy of the BOSU® Balance Trainer for improving muscular strength and balance in adults of various ages. Field measurements of static and dynamic balance, as well as abdominal strength, showed improvements ranging up to 31% after just a four-week program. A randomized, and larger controlled study is now underway to provide even more clinically meaningful information regarding the potential benefit of the BOSU® Balance Trainer for strengthening the core musculature and improving balance."

Andy Zucker, Strength Coach
Old Dominion University, Norfolk, VA

"The BOSU® Balance Trainer is the most popular piece of equipment we have in our facility. It has greatly enhanced our core training program. In addition, we have also used it extensively in our balance and stabilization routines."

Charlie Sullivan, Men's Volleyball Coach
Springfield College, Springfield, MA

"As a frontrunner, in athletics and fitness, it is only appropriate that our men's volleyball team at Springfield College has been the first college program to benefit from the BOSU Balance Trainer. The BOSU® Balance Trainer is an exceptional training device... The BOSU® Balance Trainer and we won the National Championship! Our guys got it done!”

Daniel Jon Evans, M.Ed., ATC Head Athletic Trainer
Haverford College, Haverford, PA

"The BOSU® Balance Trainer has become a great addition to our ever growing balance course. We have been able to incorporate the BOSU® Balance Trainer into every rehab program no matter what the body part, and every injured athlete has seen the benefit of the BOSU® Balance Trainer. I did also want to let you know that the BOSU® Balance Trainer is the first item that my three year old plays with when he visits me at work."

Janetter Catalano, PT
Crossroads School, Westfield, NJ

“The BOSU® Balance Trainer has been a wonderful asset to our educational program.

Children with PDD/Autism crave sensory input and the BOSU® Balance Trainer provides them with proprioceptive input into their legs and trunk. Because the BOSU® Trainer is small and lightweight it is very versatile. Many of the teachers incorporate it into their classroom routine several times a day. The BOSU® Balance Trainer would also be a great tool for parents who want a different jumping activity for their children at home.”

Dr. Sue Wedman Brittenham, Physical Education Specialist & District Coordinator for Physical Education of Boulder Valley Public Schools
Boulder, Colorado

"The BOSU® Balance Trainer is one of the most versatile pieces of equipment I use in my Elementary School Physical Education Program. In addition to using the BOSU® Balance Trainer in my balancing unit, I also included it as a station in tumbling, gymnastics, cooperative activities, juggling and physical fitness units. All kindergartners through fifth graders love to use the BOSU® Balance Trainer as they work on their balance, coordination, agility, depth perception, proprioception reactions, muscular strength, muscular endurance, and cardiovascular endurance. I highly recommend that all Elementary School Physical Education educators incorporate the use of the BOSU® Balance Trainer into their curriculum to help their students become skillful movers."

Kelly & Andrew Green
Parents of an Autistic/Special Needs Child
Ft. Lauderdale, FL

"There’s something amazing about watching a child literally center himself on a BOSU® Balance Trainer. It takes full focus to stabilize and balance, and for our son, it has become what the special needs community calls a ‘preferred activity’. These activities are at the core of behavioral success, because they serve as a redirection. With the Balance Trainer, not only is the preferred activity a redirection, but also it is a tool that allows our son to practice physical and mental concentration. Over time, he has been able to center himself for longer periods. Extending his ability to focus has helped Alex to close the gap on his developmental delay. Since we began using the BOSU® Balance Trainer (and developmental curriculum), he has gone from being over a year behind the curve to being three months ahead! These are results that some parents never see, and we couldn't be more grateful and pleased."

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