Reaching Your New Year’s Fitness Goals with BOSU®

New Years Resolutions

Reach your fitness goals for 2016 with this short and sweet 20-minute routine!

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BOSU® Teams up with PopFit Kids


BOSU® has teamed up with PopFit Kids to include the new BOSU Sport for kids in several events in New York City.

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5 Reasons To Embrace Imperfection

Embrace Imperfections

Start becoming a master of awkward moments, because there are amazing things to be gained.

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Life Begins at 85!

Super Betty

BOSU® Elite Master Trainer, 85 year old Bernadette O’Brien, tells her story.

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Calorie-Blasting BOSU® Partner Exercises

Partner Exercise

Blast calories while having fun with partner exercises.

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Breast Cancer Recovery

Learn how the BOSU® Balance Trainer can help recovery from breast cancer surgery/treatment.

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BOSU® – Both Sides Utilized

Both Sides Utilized

The BOSU® Balance Trainer an be used with either the dome side up or down.

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Keeping Kids Active

Keeping Kids Active

It’s a problem we never thought we’d have - motivating kids to be active

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Time to Try a BOSU® Class!

BOSU Class

Not sure what to expect from a BOSU® class? Find out here!

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Why Have a BOSU® in Your Home?

The BOSU® is a dynamic piece of fitness equipment used in many environments.

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