BOSU® Balance Trainer Exercises


BOSU® Balance Trainer
The BOSU® Balance Trainer includes workout instructions to help get you started exercising in the most exciting way imaginable. Learn many of the same exercises that professional and Olympic athletes use to enhance their skills. Virtually any exercise performed on the ground can be performed on the BOSU® Balance Trainer, making it more challenging, fun and effective!

Lower Body - 
Standing hip abduction
Upper Body -
Biceps curl -lunge stance
Core -Lateral trunk
Core - Extended 
crunch kick
Total Body -
lunge row
Total Body -
Bridge cross-
body triceps extension


1 Comments To "BOSU® Balance Trainer Exercises"
Chris Hale - 06/27/2013

I have used a similar ball in the gymn, but with the flat side uppermost. Am I thinking about a Bosu ball or something else that is similar? We are aging and need something to toughen up our ankles and core muscles and this seems to do the job.

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