Sumo Squat Jump

Revolving Squat

Double Squat to Over the Top

High Ball Squat

Kneeling to Standing Squat

Floor & Dome Squat

Tri-Directional Squat Across

Dome Squat

Leaping Squat Jump Stick

Stride Turn Bump

Amped Face Off Front Lunge

Arm Wrestle Shake Down

Buddy Knee Ins

Buddy Burpee

Ball Around


Glute Drop

Fire Hydrant Leg Drop

Cat Cow

Heart Opener

Down Dog Leg Extension

Seated Twist

Seated Side Bend

Downward Facing Dog Lunge

Four Quadrant Plank Walk

Mt. Climber


Reverse Plank

Forearm Plank

Deadbug Variations

V-Sit to Core Tuck

Seated Oblique Tap Twist

Plank Walk-Up

Lateral Crossovers

Quick Lateral Taps

Skater Leap Across

Compression, Jog


Alternating Single Leg Jump Stick

Upright Dumbbell Row

Atomic Push-up

Down Under

Walkover Push-ups

Dome Push-ups

Triceps Walkup

Triple Quick Run

Dome Run Jump Hop

Single Leg Jumps

Lateral Jumps

Over Dome Ankle Touch

Side Curtsy Lunge Combo

Glute Buster

Revved Up Runner Lunge

Bulgarian Lunge

Hesitation Lunge

Kneeling Front and Lateral Lunge


Cross-Back Wrap

Side Taps & Tick Tock

Knee Balance Cross-Touch

Knee Balance Cross-Touch

Bulgarian Lunge Ballast Ball Slam

Pulse Squat Jump

Suitcase Deadlift

Push-up to Child's Stretch to Burpee

Get Down Bicep Curls

How to Clean Your Balance Trainer

Use BOSU® Plug Puller

Fix an Overinflated BOSU® Balance Trainer

BOSU® Inflation, Deflation, and Storage