How effective and awesome is it be to be able to train cardio, core, strength, mobility and balance with ONE piece of equipment?

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20-Minute BOSU® Total Body Workout

You don’t need a gym full of equipment to get a total-body workout. All you need is a BOSU®, these six moves, and 20 minutes to get lean and fit!

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What’s the first exercise that comes to mind when your trainer or instructor tells you to grab a stability ball for “core work?” Crunches? But there’s lots more to core work than crunches.

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BOSU® HIIT Training – Intervals & Recovery

Unlike most fitness trends, HIIT has continued to be hot year after year. Check out this BOSU® HIIT Workout that uses cardio as the high and strength as the recovery.

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BOSU® Back to School Workout

Now that September is here, kids are back in school, it’s time to get back on track.

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Stretching with the BOSU® Balance Trainer

Did you know that the BOSU® Balance Trainer can help enhance your stretching routine?

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Families That Move Together Stay Together

Our little ones are watching us to set a wellness example, and we as parents should show them that exercise is fun!

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Technology for Interval Training

To be fully engaged in your class or workout, you need some additional timing help, especially when executing timed intervals.

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There’s a reason my clients grab a BOSU® Ballast® Ball instead of a standard stability ball. Let’s chat!

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BOSU® Five Minute Favorites


Whether five minutes is all the time you have, or you are looking for a little extra push in May, here are some five minutes faves from my BOSU® Metabolic Disruption class. 

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