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BOSU® Partners with Fitbod® App to host official BOSU® Workouts

You can now find official BOSU® workouts on the Fitbod® app. Fitbod® customizes your workout by using its unique algorithm to understand your strengths and training ability. Fitbod® does all the planning for you. Curating the movements, reps, and weight for each exercise. As you master the exercise, Fitbod® adapts to push you harder on your next workout. Ideal for your home gym or the actual gym Fitbod® will keep things fresh by mixing up your workouts with new exercises to match your available equipment. The Fitbod® app is available on Android and iOS devices. BOSU® customers receive 10 complimentary workouts plus 25% off your total membership. To learn more about Fitbod® visit: https://www.fitbod.me/bosu