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Mix It Up with BOSU® Balance Pods

Adding a focal point to agility training provides for a more challenging and accurate workout experience. Using the BOSU® Balance Pods you can not only offer a balance challenge, but you can also easily incorporate them into agility workouts. The following 5 drills showcase the use of Balance Pods for agility, deceleration, and precision execution. The Pods are a perfect choice for jump training, as the height from the floor to the top of the pod is just right for using them as markers but not too high to jump over safely. 

Try these five BOSU® Balance Pod drills to mix up your workout today!

Figure 8 Run

Place two Balance Pods on the floor  3 – 6 feet apart. Stand on the floor between the Pods. Run in a Figure 8 pattern around the outside then inside of the Pods. Repeat 4 – 8 times, and then repeat in the opposite direction. 

Squat Jumps with Directional Changes

Place three Balance Pods at 12, 3 and 9 o’clock positions. Stand on the floor in the center of the clock. Squat jump and touch the 12 o’clock Pod in the deceleration phase. Squat jump and turn to 9 o’clock and touch that Pod. Squat jump back to 12 o’clock and touch the Pod. Squat jump  and turn to 3 o’clock and touch that Pod. Repeat 4 – 8 times. Then, face 9 o’clock with your body but focus your gaze on the Pod at 12 o’clock. Squat jump and turn to 3 o’clock, but keep your focus on 12 o’clock and touch the Pod at 12 o’clock. Repeat 4 – 8 times. 

Shuffle Side to Side Variations 

Place four Balance Pods in a horizontal line about 2 feet apart. Start at the Pod furthest to the left and shuffle to the last Pod on the right. Touch the Pod, shuffle back the other way to either the closest or furthest Pod and touch it. Repeat, shuffling side to side targeting and touching a different Pod each time. 

Lateral Hop to Lateral Jump 

 Place two Balance Pods in a horizontal line about 3 feet apart. Start by stepping laterally over the left Pod and then to the right to acclimate to the lateral movement and height of the Pod. Laterally hop over the left then the right Pod and repeat 6 – 10 times. Jump over the left then the right Pod and repeat 6 – 10 times. 

Balance Pod Burpee 

Place two Balance Pods shoulder distance apart on the floor. Perform a burpee, placing hands on the Pods in the burpee plank position. Perform plank balance and return to standing position. Repeat 4 times. On the 5th repetition, lift one Pod while rotating into a side plank from the plank position. Return to standing. Repeat, lifting the other Pod from the side plank position. Repeat 4 times each side. 



Mindy Mylrea is a BOSU® Master Trainer and is the creator of numerous programs, including Fluid Strength, Gliding Discs and Tabata GX, as well as the co-creator of One Day to Wellness. Her non-profit company, One Day to Wellness, shares wellness programs across the nation.


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