BOSU® Surge® Water Actions

Each of the four BOSU® Surge® water actions requires different responses from the body, which stimulates the muscles to react. These stabilizing contractions are the foundation for strength and power improvements.


  • No water motion while holding or moving the BOSU® Surge®
  • There is constant feedback to equalize right and left and to self-correct imbalances throughout the body
  • If the body is out of balance, the water will flow to one side, which stimulates you to engage the opposite side muscles to balance the load
BOSU® Surge® Behind the Neck Lunge
BOSU® Surge® Squat Thruster


  • Acceleration of the water in the BOSU® Surge® with quick stops
  • The force and momentum required to crash the water creates a strong contraction at the end of the movement, which builds strength and power
  • Water crashing can be progressed from single crash exercises to repetitive crash drills
BOSU® Surge® Chest Thrust
BOSU® Surge® Battering Ram


  • Continuous water motion while moving the BOSU® Surge®
  • The constantly moving water mass requires core stabilization and strength to make each repetition the same
  • Increased water speed increases force output, and neuromuscular challenge without having to increase the volume of the water
BOSU® Surge® Thread the Needle
BOSU® Surge® Skater


  • Shift water from one end of the BOSU® Surge® to the other
  • Because water molecules are cohesive and move as one unit, the slightest tilt will cause the entire water mass to shift
  • Water dumping requires intense bracing and stabilization at the end range of the movement
BOSU® Surge® Lung & Dump
BOSU® Surge® Seated Rainbow Dump